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Posing 4

I’v made he a wig! And a bit of make up. I hope you cannot see the picture too large because the make up is not the best thing (nor the wig) :/ I find her profile very funny! The doll stands perfectly all right, even on one leg but […]

3d doll printing

tiny bjd doll resin

Doll in resin

There is no photos of the second print, but the moment it arrived home I sent to a fabric that made the molds and sent me back a sample printed in fair skin color. Of course, I had to take a photo of the very first and the third version […]


In the original drawing the doll was 8cm tall and looked cute and nice and small (to me at least :p) and that’s why I decided to print it in the same size. For 3d printing I’ve chose Shapeways, basically because that was the only company I knew about. But […]

3d bjd tiny doll print

3D doll

Digital doll

Firstly I’ve made some sketches (seen behind the doll), then I’ve uploaded them to Blender, the 3D program, and then the main work started. Although I had some knowledge in digital sculpting I wasn’t familiar with this program. So, I had to look for tutorials and after finding some good […]