Pollet dress 2

I made her a new dress! Well, it’s similar to the previous one but I liked this one better, so I decided to upload the pattern for it too. (I also like this fabric very much!) Hope you find it useful 🙂

Pollet dress

It’s one pattern for both L and S bust size. Below you can see the comparison, I think it looks fine on both bodies… The skirt part of the dress is basically the same but the shorter one (the white one) has darts (I think that’s what they’re called) and […]

Olivka clothes

Of course, it’s much easier to buy some dresses than to make them yourself 🙂 Here’s one from OnBlytheStreet (on Etsy), it’s a perfect fit and looks lovely on her! And another one from the same shop, I just love this fabric! It’s also a Blythe doll dress, it fits […]

olivka orange tea dolls dress

olivka orange tea dolls dress

Olivka make up and sewing

And here are some photos of my new girl Olivka with make up (an attempt at make up any way) and a bit of clothing. She’s so much easier to sew for than the previous one! What a relief! XD These outfits are just me trying the patterns out… There’s […]

Olivka photos 2

some photos: Since I don’t have her in resin yet, I’m using my other doll for color reference. (different monitors show the colors slightly different, bla, bla, bla) light tan: I love this color and even better with a make up 😛 fair skin: this one is very light and […]

olivka orange tea dolls bjd