Dress pattern and making of 4

dress pattern

Here’s the pattern to download: dressthepattern.jpg

I’ve made some photos of the process with some comments. But I’m not used to making tutorials, so…
Here it 🙂

dressI cut the top and an extra part for neck and back parts.SAMSUNG CSCI’ve cut it better, the inside piece 🙂

dressThen I sew them like on the picture above. I turn it inside out. (Actually, to do it right you should cut the inside  of the neck with those zigzag scissors but I don’t have them. It doesn’t matter I suppose.)dress

It’s a bit hard to turn the neck inside out :/ It helps to iron it. I then sewed the neck piece and the sleeves, as on the photo and the sides of the top. I hope the photos explain it better than I do ;PdressIt fits! (it can be used as a t-shirt :P)dressThen I cut the rest of the parts. Make sure to leave some extra margins for the dress part. As for the back: I leave an extra margin on one of the sides, because it goes under the other part. You can see it on the photos below.dressNot sure if this is the right order to do things, but that’s how I did it… first sew the sides.8dressThen the dress to the top. Make sure to sew them the right way, so the seam is inside. I make two folds in the front and one on each of the back sides.9dressSew and fold the strip that goes below. I folded it afterwards, so it’s half wide… but you can’t see it because it’s inside.10dressYou probably can plan ahead where to fold the dress when sewing it to the strip, I didn’t and it’s not very simetrical, as you can see. I sew the back parts one on top of the other, they overlap a bit in the center. They overlap when one of the sides has a bit of an extra margin.11dressThe front bit.12dressHere, I folded (and stitched) a tiny side of the fabric because it didn’t look nice. That’s the overlapping bit, where the snap button goes. If you don’t understand the picture, don’t worry, it’s not important. And you’ll see what I mean when you get to that part.13dressI’ve put the snap buttons  on the sides (and, as an afterthought, some extra stitches over there because the fabric started fraying). You can see them on the photo above (or below). 14dressHere’s how the back looks.15dressAnd the front. 🙂

Hope you find it helpful. Any questions? just post them in the comments 😉

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