Just trying some clothes 2

bjd doll clothes

No special news, just a post of a dress (atempt of a dress) that I made awhile ago.

And also a new wig that I’ve bought. It’s size 3-4. It fits ok, a tiny bit large on the back, but I put two magnets so it holds well. Without them it just fell of the head.

doll in a red dress

Trying a new wig and a new dress

bjd doll clothes

Sunny weather and a red dress.


Oh, she also has a new make up but I haven’t made any good photos of that yet. Will try to post more photos soon.

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2 thoughts on “Just trying some clothes

  • trinlayk

    Oh these dolls are SWEET… even smaller than a Real Puki!

    I have a few wigs I made that were supposed to be 3in but I messed up and they’re actually a bit too small even for the RP… do you think they’d work for these teeny tinies?
    I think the wigs might actually be closer to 2.5 in …

    • admin Post author

      Thank you! 🙂
      I’m afraid your wigs are too small…
      My dolls are very tiny but their heads are quite large (and wide) so they need 4in wigs! (those hold well on their heads with a silicon cap or some magnets or similar)