Olivka clothes

olivka orange tea dolls dress

Of course, it’s much easier to buy some dresses than to make them yourself 🙂
Here’s one from OnBlytheStreet (on Etsy), it’s a perfect fit and looks lovely on her!

olivka orange tea dolls dress

And another one from the same shop, I just love this fabric! It’s also a Blythe doll dress, it fits her well. One have to make sure that the armpits are wide enough for her arms!

orange tea dolls bjd doll blythe dress

And a sweater from MiercolesHappy on Etsy (Blythe sweater). Am I spoiling this girl or what?! It’s again a perfect fit and despite her large hands I managed to put it on just fine 😛 And she’s having a crazy hair day for some reason…  What should I buy her next?! I wonder what kind of trousers and skirts would fit her…

orange tea dolls bjd balljointed doll tiny blythe sweater

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