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red tights

So, here’s the first pattern (a few of them):



All the patterns were made for stretchy fabric, but the skirt is cotton non-stretchy :). The lines drawn are for sewing, so don’t forget to add your own margin. Always check it on the doll before sewing (and don’t use your best material the first time around)… there are two lines marked with inches and centimeters so you can check that it’s printed the right size…  Those are the patterns I’ve used for the clothes below. Hope it will be helpful! (if you see any errors or possible improvments, do write me! 🙂 )

violka's outfitMy favorite is the sweater, and the neck comes very much in handy to cover up the sewing line of that area. For the long neck: first I sewed the material and then cut it off (it’s not the best thing to do XD), so I think the top is a bit wider than the lower part of the neck… and I can’t tell the exact size but it’s around 8cm wide and 9cm long…

skirt buttonsThe skirt has two mini clip-buttons. In the pattern I drew a bit of an extra for this overlap. You don’t need that extra overlap for the back of the skirt 😛

shirtThis striped t-shirt is done with the same pattern as the sweater and I just cut the sleeves and didn’t make the high neck.

red pantiesRed panties! (if they are not stretchy, then they probably won’t fit through her hips!)

red dressIt was the first fast thing I’ve done, so she wouldn’t be naked. I’m sure that, with a nice fabric and some extra details it can look quite pretty. (but  it’s not the case of my dress XD)

Oh, and you can put it on without taking the head of! (the sweater is a bit more complicated to put on but looks better in my opinion ;P)

red tightsOps, she had something black black on her tights, it’s from the sweater probably ;P You see, there’s an extra piece on her bum (this picture is an explanation for the pattern drawing). The tights end where the sweater starts.

I’ll try to make more patterns sometime soon. I’d like a coat and some shoes… and then some pants of course. She needs to be well dressed!



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