Pollet dress

summer dress for Pollet

It’s one pattern for both L and S bust size. Below you can see the comparison, I think it looks fine on both bodies…

The skirt part of the dress is basically the same but the shorter one (the white one) has darts (I think that’s what they’re called) and the other one doesn’t.

First I sew the top part and then add the straps, first on the front (as shown on the photo) and then on the back. Before sewing them on the back, I try the top on, to see if everything fits well.
Always make sure to double check everything before sewing!
(As you can see, I actually put one strap a bit wrong, I don’t like it there because it sticks out and doesn’t cover her shoulder joint. And the top, on the side of the wrong strap, sticks out a bit. Or maybe, if I made the straps symmetrical it wouldn’t bother me so much :P)

Here is how it looks on the back. If you want to put snap buttons or velcro then add a bit of an extra space to the fabric. This time I didn’t add any extra, so they don’t overlap on the back, I used some beads and loops, as seen on the photo. I like those beads and use nearly everywhere!

I then make the skirt and sew both pieces togher. You can also leave it as a top and a skirt, and then combine them with other shirts and clothes…

What do you think of the dress, do you like it?
Now, I have to find the pattern for the shorts that I had somewhere and post it here as well 🙂

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