3d bjd tiny doll print

In the original drawing the doll was 8cm tall and looked cute and nice and small (to me at least :p) and that’s why I decided to print it in the same size. For 3d printing I’ve chose Shapeways, basically because that was the only company I knew about. But then I found that there are more printing services, so maybe the next time I’ll try something different. But, I did like Shapeways and they seem to be the cheapest. 🙂

3d printed doll

First doll

So, here’s the my very first printed doll! She came out a bit smaller than planned, but that was my fault not the printing. The head and the head cap fit perfectly together! But not the head and the neck. I think I made them exactly the same size, but the hole in the head should have been slightly smaller than the neck, of course. The holes in the shoulders came out a bit too large. I’ve redone those bits and sent it to be printed again.

Some more photos:

3d print doll BJD

Printed doll looking around

3d print bjd doll tiny

Looking at you

3d bjd tiny doll print

Getting distracted

Well, I liked her enough to make lots of photos! (and started calling her a she instead of it on a regular basis)


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