Tights: sewing

I draw the pattern on the fabric:   This line is actually for sewing, not for cutting. You really should leave some margins. But I wanted to make them a bit tighter to see how it would look.

(I folded and pinned the material, so I’d cut both pieces at once)

Here they are:

(oh, and the bottom piece, but I didn’t use it in the end. So, don’t bother with it ;P)

Fold and sew the parts together until where the needle is in the picture. The tight’s shape follows the shape of Violka’s legs, as you can see.

When both are done, I find it easier to turn them inside out. (the right side out, I mean)Then sew the parts together.

(sometimes I sew it the wrong way and end up with the seam on the outside face)

I’ve tried them on 😀 So you can just sew the back together:

Or you can add the extra piece: ( I thought it looked funny that way)

Here’s my final result:


Ok, they are a bit too tight, that’s why you should have some margin and sew where the patterns tells you to. You can fold the upper part or be lazy like me and leave it as is. No one will see it anyway, if she has other clothes on.

I also made a new wig. She looks so different!


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