Trousers making of


Here’s the pattern: Pattern Violka Pants

And here’s the making of 🙂

In this case I’m making pants that are knee length (just below the knee). There are different lengths, they are marked on the pattern so you know where to cut. 🙂

I draw the pattern and cut it out leaving a bit of an extra margin. Be careful not to make two right sides! (I make that mistake all the time for some reason)

Next I sew the bottoms of the legs. And then the back pieces together. And the front ones as well, so it looks like on the picture above. Make sure that the legs are the same length! I fold the fabric only once because otherwise it just feels too thick, especially at the ankles, where the pants are not so wide.

I then sew the front and the back pieces together: that is the inside of the legs. When making shorts I do it by hand, I find it easier this way. When making longer pants I find it ok to use the machine. It’s probably a good idea to sew one leg and then the other and finish the very center, where all the seams meet, by hand.

I think that if you sew with the machine all the way through, from one leg to another, there will be a weird wrinkle in the middle. That might look nice, depending on what you like.

I try them on to check that everything fits.

I then sew together the outsides of the legs. I’ll be putting two beads with loops on one side, so I leave about 2,5 cm (1 in) on the top without sewing. You can see it on the photo, on the pin side there’s a bit of a yellow mark there.

Then I folded the fabric on the top and put a yellow thread to hold it in place. And sew with machine from on side of the leg, over the top of the pants, down to the other side of the leg.

Then two beads on the front and two loops. You can also use tiny doll buttons and a ribbon or a string instead.  There are lots of youtube tutorials about making those loops, for example this one here.

Here is how they look like in the end! 😀

I also made her some shorts and I felt so lazy that I didn’t make any buttons at all!
But you’ll have to twist her legs out to put them on, it’s something that can work only for shorts, not longer trousers… also if your doll has some kind of body blushing then it’s probably not a good idea because you can wipe it off. Probably I should try the same but with a stretchy fabric…

Here’re some more pants with a button on the front:

Those come from the same pattern.
Well, that’s all for today, I hope you find it useful, any questions just comment below 🙂



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